Science Club for Teachers, Big Island

A group of fun-loving science enthusiasts whose goal is to compile “Loads of lessons to lessen the teachers' load.”
If you would like to participate with our shared bulletin board / file cabinet, click "Join this Space" and I'll send you an email with aloha!

Our monthly meetings are on hiatus due to low attendance. If you would be interested in helping to promote future meetings, write to me at This page will remain for all to use!

K-12, public, private, charter, and homeschoolers all welcome, especially student teachers, substitutes, science geeks and enthusiasts.
Feel free to bring a lesson or demo to share!

What are we trying to do here? How about this... Make our lessons so good that kids can't wait for the next class!
Collect your ideas and links on these pages - you can add your ideas to existing pages or by creating a new pages for each benchmark (for example, BSQ1 means Biological Science Quarter 1) which may include:

from anywhere you happen to be, professional development days for example! Benefit from the ideas and finds of others!

here is a generic page template you could start with

wanna submit to or sponsor a page? Email

2. Find someone to collaborate with

3. Create effective and easy to make science centers with manipulatives

What happened at the last meeting