Aug 29, 2009
We discussed exploring the possibility of a science teacher workshop during Fall Break in anticipation for the second quarter's standards. We would like to involve UHH and HCC professors and community members in updating our knowledge and presenting hands-on activities.

Jan 30, 2009
Brooke Nasby
  • joined and added links and info
  • got started on using Firefox Downloadhelper (for PC) and Sothink (for mac) and saved youtube videos on our laptops (making sure the filename ends with .flv) so we don't have to depend on the internet connection
  • will find a flv player for homework.
  • To use a digital projector using your PC laptop, right click you desktop picture and go to graphics options.

May 31 Getting a Running Start for Next Year
How can we help? U got out of bed and drove for a reason – to give and receive
Hand out paper write name, school, grade, email, phone– get permission for adding name to website
  • Use the club for a resume reference – everyone is appointed to be president (so I’m not the only one to blame for a boring meeting) –
  • give yourself a title - example: mine is "the loudest one who knows the least" or wikispace expert / science song writer
Area of expertise advisor specialty – introduce neighbors

Topics of discussion that came up: (flesh out any of these so they make sense!)
  • manure pollution / graveyard pollution (formaldahyde from the bodies)
  • chris - new opportunities "no mis power reading" (???spelling) Dr Krol, physics teacher, local kids interested in space science
  • $$$ try big island toyota gems
  • Jennifer - check out cool science oriented books
  • seeds of science / roots of reading
  • weather / natural science
  • new lessons in afterschool program / club
  • multimedia - kratts creatures - zoom weather - channel website

Add to paper advise on any or all of the following:
  • How to hook up
  • End of year – biggest relief and hope / anticipation
  • speakers to invite to class or club survey for inter-school experts
  • causes we should support Recycling in schools
  • biggest teaching achievement this year, week
  • biggest teaching challenge / concern Matching benchmarks with core maps
  • how to get a running start for next year
  • advice / councel to give or seek finding school to teach at
  • how to get better food for kids at school - marion - food program
  • how to improve cooperation from community

website / teleschool / /song / manipulatives / sci notebooks with illus glued in / tour of botanical garden

Who will be president next time? All
Next meeting I won’t be here – who will run meeting? Or leave it to chance?

Jennifer Atkins
Drama Queen Extraordinaire and Most Willing to Be a Fool in the Classroom
E 2 Sub
Marion Buscher
To be determined
E 5/6 st joseph school
Eva Conway
Nature Girl
E 2 waimea
Christine Tanioka
Science Gal – Hands-on is my game
E 4 pahoa
Karen Kohagura
Kinder Teacher
K pahoa
Ted Banta
Science Singer
H bio/phy/chem pahoa

April 26, 2008
I typed these in from my handwritten notes three weeks after the meeting! Next time we can type them as we go.
  • using songs in science - give students lyrics, underline vocabulary, answer questions, students illustrate each line - make video using Movie Maker
  • density - raisins and soda, water treatment - particles, floating rocks,
  • KKOE outdoor education
  • There are lots of powerpoint presentations online for almost every topic- type your topic in google and add ppt example "light ppt" here are some rubrics fractals states of matter
  • new discovery - organism eats pollution and is edible - need more info
  • science and magic - Harry Potter Science Page
  • Integrate Hawaiian science into lessons - such as Ruins of Big Kaau, Weather Center, Conservation He'au, Fish nurseries, Kapoho currents- trash from Japan
  • Integrate food into lessons - Chocolate - solid, liquid, gas, try Mauna Loa macadamia nuts
  • Light - explain how UV rays are used for water purification
  • All-year manipulatives - see the page
  • Canticle of Leibowitz - a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel - teaches consequences
  • human impact on earth goes in cycles
  • Next time - tour of Imiloa's botanical garden

I've realized can use wikispaces on professional development days so we have a product we can easily refer to and build upon - not just a folder somewhere in a file cabinet!