Science Lessons
1. Acid Rain: An Air Pollutant
2. Acid Rain: The Disappearing Statue
3. Acid Rain – What Causes Acid Rain?
4. AIDS – What Is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome?
5. Air Bags and Collisions – How Do Airbags Prevent Automobile Injuries?
6. Airfoil Experiment 1
7. Air: You Can't See It, But It's There!
8. Air Cannon
9. Air Pollution Control
10. Air Power for Transportation
11. Air Pressure – A Demonstration
12. Air Pressure–What Is Air Pressure and How Can It Be Measured?
13. Air Quality and Transportation
14. Aircraft Fire Rescue – How Does a Firefighter Put Out an Airplane Fire?
15. Altitude Tracking – An Application of Geometry
16. Animal or Plant?
17. Antacid Tablet Race
18. Antarctica I – Why Do Scientists Go to Antarctica?
19. Antarctica II – Why Is Antarctica So Important to Our Planet?
20. Archery – How Has Technology Changed the Bow and Arrow over the Centuries?
21. Asthma – What Makes It Hard For People With Asthma To Breathe?
22. Aurora Borealis – What Creates These Shimmering Celestial Lights?
23. Avalanche Rescue – How Do Dogs Find People Buried in an Avalanche?
24. The Awful 8: The Pollution Play

25. Balloon Safari – How Does the Mara Ecosystem in Africa Work?
26. Balloon Staging – Rocket Staging
27. Balloons – Why Are They Stretchy?
28. Balloon Vacuum – An Air Pressure Experiment
29. Battery Life
30. Bee Stings – Communication by Smell
31. Being Alive
32. Bells in Your Ears – Transmission of Sound through Solid Objects
33. Bernouilli Cans – An Air Pressure Experiment
34. external image clip_image002.gifBicycles – How Do a Bike and Its Rider Stay Up?
35. Big Trouble in Earthquake Country
36. Biological Rhythms
37. Blood Typing – What Makes Different Blood Types Different?
38. Body Fat – Is All Fat Bad?
39. Bone Marrow – What Is a Bone Marrow Transplant and How Does It Work?
40. Bones – How Do Bones Get So Strong?
41. Bottle Habitat
42. Brain Injury – An Eggs-periment with Helmets
43. Breathing Easy – Why We Need Plants in Order to Breathe
44. Broken Bones – Experience Splinting

45. California Blackworms Curriculum – 7-12th grade toxicology activity
46. Cancer Causes – Why Do People Get Cancer?
47. Cancer treatments – Is Cancer Curable?
48. Car Engines – How Do Car Engines Work?
49. Circles of Light – The Mathematics of Rainbows
50. Circus High Wire – How Do Tightrope Walkers Keep Their Balance?
51. The City from the Ooze
52. Cluster Busters – Solve disease mysteries, investigate environmental toxicants
53. Cockroaches – Designing a Trap
54. Coffee – How Does a Coffee Bean Become a Cup of Java?
55. Collecting Micrometeorites
56. Colored Shadows – Using Lights to Mix Colors
57. Community Problem Solving
58. Contaminated Drinking Water
59. Convection – How Does It Happen in Our Atmosphere?
60. Cooling via Shade
61. Cratering in Your Classroom
62. Creating a Salad Dressing – Applying the Scientific Method
63. Cryogenics – Science Fact or Science Fiction?

64. Dancing Penny – Exploring Heat Conduction and Air Pressure
65. Demonstrating Dew and Frost
66. Density Balloon – Using a Mylar Balloon to Explore Density
67. Diabetes – What Is Type 1 Diabetes?
68. Diet and Nutrition – How Does Fast Food Stack Up?
69. Digging the Earth's Crust
70. Dinosaur I – Finding and Dating
71. Dinosaur II – Assembling a Dinosaur
72. Does the Sun Influence the Temperature of the Earth?
73. Domed Stadiums – What Keeps Inflated Stadiums Up?
74. Do Plants Need Sunlight?
75. DNA Fingerprinting – Can Blood Found at a Crime Scene Really Identify a Criminal?
76. Dolphin Communication – Exploring Nonverbal Communication
77. The Dry Compass Experiment

78. Egg Fun – Exploring Like a Scientist
79. Electric Cars – Exploring Electrical Circuits
80. Electricity: Open and Short Circuits
81. Electromagnet - Make your own!
82. Energy Transfer – Exploring Momentum
83. Engineering Toothpaste – Everyday Chemistry
84. Ergonomics – What Is Ergonomics and Why Is It Important?
85. Ethanol – How Does It Make a Car Run?
86. Equator – What Is Life Like for Animals, Plants and People at the African Equator?

87. Falling Test Tubes – Exploring Adhesion and Cohesion
88. Fire Sandwich – An Experiment in Heat Conduction
89. Finger Boomerangs
90. Fingerprinting – A Lesson on Classification
91. Fish Heads – A Lesson on Adaptation
92. Fish Tank Optics
93. Flying Tube
94. Flying Wing
95. Four-Wing Paper Boomerang
96. Frisbee Physics – How Does Physics Play a Role in Frisbee Flying?

97. Galaxy Mapping – Why Make Maps of the Galaxies?
98. Gems – How Do Gemstones Get Their Color?
99. Genetics – You Are Unique
100. Geothermal Power Plant Model - Make your own!
101. Glacier Climbing – What Is a Glacier and How Does One Move?
102. Glaucoma
103. Glass Blowing – How Do They Make Glass into Different Shapes?
104. Glass Recycling – Exploring Volume
105. Gliders
106. Gold Mine – How Is Gold Found in the Ground?
107. Graphing Stratospheric Ozone
108. Greenhouse Effect from Newton's Apple – How Does the Loss of Ozone Affect Our Climate?
109. The Greenhouse Effect
110. Guess What?! – A Lesson about Atoms

111. Have You Ever Met a Tree?
112. Hearing – Can I Damage My Hearing by Listening to Loud Music?
113. The Hidden Jewels of Geometry
114. High Jump – How Do High Jumpers Set New Records?
115. Hip Replacement – How Do Artificial Implants Work in the Body?
116. Hollywood Stunts – A Lesson in Heat Conduction and Insulation
117. Household Chemistry – Acid or Base?
118. How a Plane Is Controlled – Aerodynamic Principles and Control Surfaces
119. How Caves Are Formed – An Experiment
120. How I Can Control the Soccer Ball – Applying the Laws of Physics
121. How Can Rain Be Acid?
122. How CD's Work – An Imaginary Experiment
123. How Do Clocks Keep Time? – Making a Water Clock
124. How Do the Bar-codes at the Grocery Store Work?
125. How Do Magnifying Glasses Make Things Seem Bigger?
126. How Do Sharks Find Their Prey? – A Lesson in Classification
127. How Do We Get the Impurities Out of Drinking Water? – Making Freshwater from Seawater
128. How Do You Make Paint? – Pigments, Vehiclers, and Colloids
129. How Do You Make Paper?
130. How Do You Make Rock Candy?
131. How Does 3-D Work? – An On-Line Experiment
132. How Does a Lever Make You Stronger?
133. How Does the Human Eye See?
134. How Does the Oyster Make a Pearl? – An Exercise in Observation
135. How Does Soap Work?
136. How Does Yeast Make Bread Rise?
137. How to Read a Thermometer
138. How TV Works
139. Human Slingshot Ride – How Does the "Ejector Seat" Ride Work?
140. Hydropower - The force of water!
141. Hypercoaster – How Do You Know a Roller Coaster Is Safe?

142. Ice Energy & Making Ice Cream
143. Ice Surfers – An Experiment in Tacking into the Wind
144. If I Have Acid in My Stomach, Why Don't I Melt?
145. In-Line Skating – Do In-Line Skates Really Go Faster than Roller Skates?
146. Insulation Which material is best?
147. In-Vitro Fertilization – What Are "Test-tube Babies" and How Are They Made?
148. Inca Engineering – How Did the Incas Build without Mortar or Wheels?
149. Inch of Skin
150. Iron in Cereal

151. Jumbo Jets – How Do They Get off the Ground?
152. Jungle Survival – How Do People Survive in the Jungle Without Food or Water?

153. Keeping a Daily Weather Log

154. Lemon Power
155. Let's Catch Some Dirt from the Air
156. Light by Friction
157. Lightning – How Is Lightning Formed?
158. Lightning - Make your own!
159. Liquid Bottle Rocket
160. Liquid Nitrogen Fun!
161. Liquid Rainbow
162. Living in a Tree
163. Locks and Dams – How Do a Lock and a Dam Make a Waterway Navigable?
164. Luge – How Do Engineering and Technology Play a Role in the Olympics?
165. Luna and Io – A Comparison Study

166. Make a Candle Spinner - Motion from heat energy
167. Make a Comet Nucleus
168. Make a Rheostat
169. Make a Thermometer
170. Make a Turbine
171. Make Your Own Burglar Alarm
172. Making a Barometer
173. Making a Cloud in a Jar [revised 3 Dec 99]
174. Making a Hair Hygrometer
175. Making a Milk Jug Landfill
176. Making an Air Thermometer
177. Making Paper Airplane Gliders
178. Making a Shoe-Box Guitar
179. Making a Sponge Garden
180. Making a Steam-Powered "Rocket Boat"
181. Making a Straw Woodwind
182. Making a Water Lens
183. Making a Water Sampler
184. Making a Weather Vane
185. Making an Anemometer
186. Making a Windsock
187. Making a Wind Vane
188. Making an Anemometer
189. Malaria Tracking – How Can You Locate Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes?
190. Mammoth Dig – Why Are There Mammoth "Burial Grounds"?
191. Maple-Seed Helicopters
192. Match-Stick Rocket
193. Materials That Absorb Solar Energy
194. Maya Bike Trek – How Can Technology Help You Take a Bike Trip through Central America?
195. McEagle Styrofoam Glider
196. Measuring Stellar Temperatures: How Hot Is That Star?
197. Medical Quackeries – Can This Machine Cure Me?
198. Meteors – What Are Meteors and Where Do They Come From?
199. Microwave Ovens – What Is the Science behind Microwave Cooking?
200. The "Minimum" Solar Box Cooker
201. Modeling the Nervous System
202. Moon Phases
203. Mummies – How Are Mummies Able to "Survive" the Tests of Time?
204. Murder Mystery – How Do Forensic Scientists Help Solve Murders?
205. Mushroom Prints
206. Musical Tube

207. NASA Robots – What Are Robots? How Are They Used in Space?
208. Naturally Occurring Pesticides – 7-12th grade toxicology curriculum
209. Newton Car
210. Nickel Karate
211. Nicotine – Why Is It So Hard to Quit Smoking?
212. Novocain – How Can the Dentist Drill My Teeth Without Hurting Me?
213. Ocean in a Bottle
214. Oil Spills – How Do You Clean Up an Oil Spill?
215. The Old Windbag
216. Olympic Solar Energy
217. Olympic Training Center – How Can Biomechanics Help an Athlete?
218. Omnimax – How Is a Giant-Screen Movie Made and Projected?
219. Ozone – How Do CFC's Destroy Ozone in the Earth's Atmosphere?
220. Ozone Pollution - Smog Alert

221. Paper Clip Sailing
222. Paper Rockets
223. Particulate Matter and "The Lorax"
224. Particulate Matter - How Dirty Is the Air We Breathe?
225. Peanut Power
226. Pencil Rockets
227. Pet Food – How Do Scientists Create the Perfect Dining Delights for My Pet?
228. Phases of the Moon – Why Does the Moon Look Different at Different Times of the Month?
229. Photosynthesis – How Do Plants Make Food?
230. Ping Pong Ball Curves
231. Pizza Box Solar Oven
232. Plants and Oxygen: Breathing Easy
233. Playing with Polymers
234. Positively Paper – Making and Recycling Paper
235. Potato Float
236. Pretzel Predictions
237. Propeller Experiment 4
238. Propeller Experiment 5
239. Proteins – What Are Proteins and Why Are They Important?
240. Prosthetic Limbs

241. Race for the Cure – This activity simulates the extraction, identification, and separation of chemicals in or on plants using chromatography.
242. Rain Forest Animals
243. Rain Forest Plants
244. Rain or Shine: 6 CAPS Lessons to Explore Meteorology and Weather
o Does the Sun Influence the Temperature of the Earth?
o How Does Convection Happen in Our Atmosphere?
o How to Read a Thermometer
o Keeping a Daily Weather Log
o What Is Heat Transfer?
o What is Temperature
245. Riverboats – How Does Steam Power Big Machinery?
246. Re-creating the Greenhouse Effect
247. Reflexes
248. Reflexes – Why Does a Doctor Check My reflexes When I Have a Check-Up?
249. Robots – What Are Robots and How Do They Differ From Other Machines?
250. Rock Climbing – How Can the Human Body Stick to a Sheer Cliff?
251. Rocket Car
252. Rocket Pinwheel

253. Satellite Technology – What Will Future Satellite Technology Bring?
254. Science Safari: Art & Music
255. Science Safari: Energy Resources
256. Scuba Diving – What Does It Take to Scuba Dive?
257. Sewer Science – Where Does Sewage Go?
258. A Simple Solar Water Pasteurizer
259. Simulator Rides – How Are Amusement Park Rides Designed to Create Illusions?
260. Singing Rod
261. Ski Jumping – How Do Ski Jumpers Go So Far?
262. Sky Blue – Why Is the Sky Blue?
263. Slinky Physics – How Do Toys Work?
264. Soda Pop Can Hero Engine
265. A Solar Heat Experiment
266. Solar S'Smores
267. Solar Hot Dog Cooker
268. Solar-Powered Cars
269. Sounds Like Science – Bottle Organ
270. Sounds Like Science – Drums
271. Sounds Like Science – Guitars
272. Sounds Like Science – Jamboree
273. Sounds Like Science – Kazoo
274. Splitting Water - H2O Hydrolysis
275. Spotting Sunspots
276. Static Charged 2x4s
277. Steroids – Do Athletes Need to Take Synthetic Steroids?
278. The Sun Star Solar Cooker
279. Sunken Slave Ship – How and What Can We Learn From a Shipwreck?

280. Taking Apart Electrical Appliances
281. Taproot Experiment
282. Taste and Smell – Why Does Food Seem Tasteless When You Have a Cold?
283. Taste Buds
284. Tears – Why Do We Cry?
285. Telecommunications – New Frontiers in Electronic Communications
286. Temperature Inversion
287. T.P. Away
288. Traffic Control – How Can Technology Help Alleviate Traffic Jams?
289. Trash Disposal Choices

290. Understanding Groundwater
291. Using Bubbles to Learn about Light Interference
292. Using Solar Energy: The Solar Apple Baker

293. Water Energy
294. Water: Visible and Invisible
295. Waterskiing – How Do Water Skis Stay Up?
296. Web Training
297. The Wet Compass Experiment
298. Wetlands – What Are Wetlands and Why Are They So Important?
299. What Are the Best Ways to Dispose of Hazardous Materials?
300. What Are Fingernails Made Out Of?
301. What Are Goosebumps?
302. What Are Optical Illusions
303. What Does Saving Trees Have to Do with the Ozone Layer?
304. What Is Heat Transfer?
305. What Is Infrared Light and How Does It Work?
306. What Is Macaroni Made Of?
307. What is Temperature?
308. What Is Thunder?
309. What is Wind?
310. Where Do Dreams Come From?
311. What Makes the World Turn Around?
312. Where Does Jell-O Really Come From?
313. Which Way Is Down?
314. White Water Rafting – How Do White-water Rafters Navigate the Rapids?
315. Whodunit? – Fingerprints and Classification
316. Why Do Feet Smell?
317. Why Do I Hear Weird Sounds at Night?
318. Why Do You Need a Liver?
319. Why Does a Car Horn Sound Different When It Passes By?
320. Why Does My Hair Get Curly When the Humidity Goes Up?
321. Why Does My Voice Sound Different on a Tape recorder?
322. Why Does a Steel Nail Sink While a Steel Boat Floats?
323. Why Does the TV Go Crazy when the Mixer Is On?
324. Why Don't Spiders Stick to Their Own Webs?
325. Why Is a Diamond So Hard?
326. Wild Lion Vets
327. Wilderness Training – How Do Adventurers Prepare for a Long Wilderness Journey?
328. Wind Blow – What Causes Wind? Where Do Air Masses Come From and Where Do They Go?
329. Wooden Helicopter